​​​​​​​Mief! is a multiplayer board game aiming to combine a funny game mechanic with the importance of environmental awareness. The goal is to develop a product which introduces the topic of waste disposal and waste separation to children aged 8 to 10 while using up-to-date cognitive learning strategies. 
The product is intended to be used in schools and other educational institutions and can be inclueded in regular lessons or special events like environmental week. 
Humanity has turned earth into one giant waste dump. The stench is so horrible, that humans are forced to stay indoors at all times. But there is one last chance - little monsters from outer space refuse to tolerate the smell any longer and decide to come to the rescue. Can they save the earth? 
Every player chooses one of the monsters trying to free earth of the mounting waste. By answering topic related questions the players not only increase their knowledge about waste and recycling.
Correct answers are being rewarded by the game mechanics, the 'flipping'. Whoever manages to flip the most chips into the correct bin wins. In case the chips flips to the back incidentally there is a hint where to dispose the chips, but looking on purpose isn't allowed of course. 
Worksheets, stickers and posters that can be used by teachers complete the package and offer an opportunity to effectively implement the topic into lessons at school and achieve lasting effects. 
Illustration  Annick Buhr
Design  Annick Buhr, Corinna Haberer, Louisa Zeller

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